Cryptocurrencies are a constantly evolving and growing asset class. They have seen no small market development in recent years, and to date the crypto market is worth about $1 trillion. If you think this number is high, know that the gold market alone is worth $11 trillion. As you can guess, the growth potential of cryptos is high. Through investing, trading and passive annuities, it is possible to achieve excellent financial results, but first it is essential to understand how this market works.

Analyzing cryptocurrencies and the market

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Hi, we are Marco and Matteo, and together with the OG team we represent the one-stop shop for anyone new to the world of finance.

We help people create a second economic income through trading and help savers secure their investments by maximizing profits and minimizing risk.

Our strength is our method based on the LIVE teaching with open markets so that our trainees can see in practice how to manage trades and can reproduce our strategies in real time on their own accounts.

OG Trading & Investments is a large community that to date has more than 3,000 members including trainees and service subscribers.

Matthew Talarico

Market Analyst | Trader | Trainer

Matthew is a Trader and Market Analyst experienced in trading and investment strategies. He has helped thousands of people become aware of the financial markets by leading them to achieve real results. Founder of the international company OG GROUP FZ LLE is the benchmark for more than 2,000 traders and investors.

Matthew is a registered financial educator with AIEF

Marco Iacoviello

Chart Analyst | Trader | Trainer

Marco is a Trader and Chart Analyst experienced in intraday trading strategies on indices and Forex. He has trained more than 400 traders by helping them derive economic income from the markets. Marco has helped more than 2000 of people understand how to analyze the markets through his Sunday analysis. He is the founder of the international company OG GROUP FZ LLE.


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