AMAZON, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. E-commerce flies

E-commerce continues to grow

More and more people in the world have access to the Internet. In Europe in ten years the number has doubled (from about 450 million users to over 700 million). In Asia it has even tripled, from 764 million to 2300 million people connected.

Online shopping has been gaining momentum, and the growing e-commerce trend has been further fueled during the lockdown period.

Many sociologists, political scientists and economists, predict that even after the end of the pandemic,e-commerce will be increasingly used by people. In fact, even those who had not used it until now appreciated its great convenience.

E-commerce has become one of the most popular online activities, and buying from digital stores is becoming easier and more convenient every day.

Here is the data

Data one-commerce tell us that it is growing all over the world . In Italy, too, we have been seeing more and more growth for several years.

e-commerce continues to grow
E-commerce data online shoppers 2014-2021 (billion people)

For the next few years it is expected, worldwide. A 276.9 percent increase in e-commerce sales(Shopify)

From the graph, we can see that in just 6-7 years we have gone from 1.320 billion online shoppers to more than 2 billion people systematically practicing e-commerce worldwide.

In 2020, sales via e-commerce will account for about 16 percent of retail sales worldwide(Oberlo). Could this mark revenue losses by large shopping malls and closure of more stores below? We shall see.

By 2022, global e-commerce sales for consumer goods will move more than $400 billion, and it will be Asia that will have some of the highest growth(Nielsen).

In addition, we know that Europeans are increasingly shopping outside the borders of their home country: 44% of Europeans shop only in their own country. Forty-seven percent, on the other hand, also buy abroad and a 9% buy only abroad.(Paypal)

It is mainly purchased from China, Uk, US and Germany(Google Consumer Barometer).

Each year, each citizen spends an average of $488 on online purchases(Hosting Facts).

All these data, also make us understand once more, why the shares of AMAZON, ALIBABA and other e-commerce-related companies are growing. Shopify itself, Paypal (as a payments system), and other companies that gravitate to the e-commerce world have seen rises worthy of a look.

To give an idea of stock growth:

AMAZON is listed at about $3370. Five years ago it was at about $500. Almost a +700% in 5 years.
ALIBABA is listed at about $280. Five years ago it was at $65. Over 400% in 5 years.

Given the continued demand for e-commerce, it is very likely that these companies will continue to grow over time. Unless other competing companies take over. But at the moment in the face of these economic giants it will be difficult to see companies, in the short term, ousting AMAZON or ALIBABA.

From all this comes the question of how our shopping-related way of life is changing and how it will change a lot. With a click we will decide what to buy and after an hour we will find a drone in front of our house that will bring us, inside a package, the requested good. He will notify us through a cell phone call. And unlike the letter carrier, it will not always “ring” twice.

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