Investing in Artificial Intelligence. New Year’s resolutions

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning. Surely you have heard these terms at least once in your investing life. What are they actually? Let’s try to give a definition of it and see whether or not it makes sense to invest in this area.

Artificial intelligence (AI): machines that perform cognitive functions associated with humans, such as sensing, learning and problem solving.

Machine Learning (ML): mathematical models based on “type data” that can make predictions or decisions without being explicitly programmed to do so.

Deep Learning: part of the machine learning family that uses neural networks.

2020 was a golden year for technology

The year 2020 was a golden year for technology. Covid-19 has definitely been an accelerator in the field. In less than 6 months, significant changes have been made in technology that would generally take decades. The financial sector has been largely overwhelmed by this wave. Financial companies have doubled their investments in digital transformation, and 80 percent of them admit to making significant investments in AI/ML technology. What is this technology used for in the financial sector? According to a report by Refinitiv, 66 percent of companies use it for risk management, 61 percent use it for trading, and 59 percent use it for investment management.

How important can the development of new technologies be in this area?

So much. The future is going in this direction. But can one invest in this area? Absolutely, some of the most famous American companies, see NVIDIA, are pioneers of this. But she is not the only one. So a wise decision might be to check out sector-specific ETFs but paying close attention to the holdings they hold. In our Club we have identified ETFs that are performing very well in the market and which we invite you to take a look at.

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