Loans, mortgages, investments.

Good morning community,

Today I wanted to make a point about an issue I hear about often, including from many people close to me including friends and family. The issue is that ofindebtedness, meaning mortgage on the first house, dream car, home appliances, etc.

It immediately jumps out at us how people evaluate debt by distinguishing it into two categories. On the one hand “good” (first house, car, cell phone) and on the other hand “bad” (books, education, goods of lesser use).

I already consider this division to be completely wrong. According to my theoretical principles, borrowing is done only to generate more income, extra income or to learn a new activity.

So it remains in my opinion absolutely wrong to divide debt into good and bad. Debt deemed good for buying a home of our own, binds us to mortgages, interest rates, taxes, agencies, etc. All this leads us to outgrow ourselves, relegating our lives to working for a living.

Loans, mortgages, investments. To do what?

Another classic example is buying a new car by getting into debt with financing at absurd rates in addition to the loss of vat by leaving the dealership. The most negative thing is doing it by committing yourself with 1/4-1/5 of your salary, thus ending up precluding any other form of investment in useful things and general education.

On the contrary, we see study, books and all those opportunities that enable us to improve our cultural and personal education as an economic burden or unnecessary expense. We regard these aspects as something that does not produce income in the immediate future but only a future hope, if not a psychological burden. We think we can deal with and handle any issue on our own without anyone having to help us understand the correct dynamics.

The advice in this article is to take on debt only to improve one’s economic and personal living condition, seeking to generate an income or income greater than our debt rate.

I would like to close with a trivial question but one that is not trivial. Do you have a better chance of increasing your income by buying a house of your own, a new car, etc., or through judicious investments and savings that quickly increase your wealth?

Your answers and tell us your thoughts in the chat!

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