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I wanted to make you think about the changes we are experiencing in these months of 2020, I am realizing that even a global pandemic does not really change the attitude to financial knowledge in our country. The goals and financial planning have remained unchanged for the past 40 years. To be precise, the process STUDY-WORK-RETIREMENT. “Study” meaning graduates in anything, as long as you have a piece of paper (we see the large number of graduates in degrees with little job-related validity have been lying around for years), “Work.” (find a permanent position, preferably a public one, and you’re in a barrel), “Pension” (of course the basic inps one and not even a minimal supplement).

No criticism to be made ,indeed in those times numerous families raised their children with splendid results and without missing anything but today we need to notice the change around us in order to maximize our rents and to be able to live better tomorrow.

Now, can such a system hold up? Absolutely not, it cannot hold, and we must realize to improve as soon as possible to get out of this unproductive circuit in the long run.

We have new realities, from Amazon to Tesla, and many other companies that are revolutionizing the world, and not all of us have realized that we are entering a new era.

Waiting for someone who can help us (inps, state, employer) is foolish; it is no longer the time for aid as it was 40 years ago but it is the time for “just us” we can Improve our living and economic condition, it is not enough to save for a better future but it is necessary to invest knowledgeably and following a STRATEGY well clear and precise.

Every day we receive messages in which so many are looking for easy gains and to become rich with a (leveraged) operation. Why does this happen? Simple, they have no financial education.

There are two financial personalities. The person who is overcautious and afraid of losing and the person who is reckless and looking for the lucky break. We are the country where the middle ground is very rare to find, and when we do find it, we always have an excuse not to be addressed and “do it ourselves” (bricoinvestment).

Unfortunately (or fortunately) we will all have to find a better way than working 40-odd years to have a pension (perhaps) adequate for a steady standard of living in the years to come.

The time to study and train is now, the world is changing fast and you have to follow it.

OG – Trading and Investment.


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