New scenarios for Nio

By now we all (or almost all) know Nio, the Chinese tech startup that produces electric cars. Many consider it the Chinese Tesla; others say it is not even close to Elon’s jewel.

The stock, with the arrival of the pandemic, suffered a major slump in the stock market, hitting lows below $3 per share. Opportunity to enter? Many people gave it up for failure. Instead, Nio proved to everyone who believed in her (including us, those who follow us took her under $3) that she is a viable company with a bright future. Today the stock is trading around $14, jumping 600% from its pre covid lows and 243% YTD (Year to date, or exactly one year ago).

Let’s go over the latest news of the “Chinese Tesla.” Chairman William Li said just last Thursday that he plans to expand to other markets by the second half of 2020. Particularly in “Electric-Friendly” countries, hoping to start with Europe itself.

New scenarios for Nio
William Li – Nio President

One special feature of Nio, unveiled Thursday, concerns batteries. In fact, Nio customers will be able to subscribe to receive their battery pack (BaaS). Of course, this would occur afterthe car was purchased and sold without a battery. This would allow a list price cut of $1,10100 per vehicle, making the price competitive with the market. This will allow customers to freely choose the battery according to their needs.

According to Bank of America, this initiative by Nio could only improve its competitive position.

Nio is expanding. Work with Tesla‘s own suppliers, including CATL, to open a new plant in Wuhan that can support battery production.

Nio certainly will not find level ground in Europe. In fact, Tesla is building its Gigafactory in Berlin, and, also on German soil, Volkswagen also recently announced that it had begun production of its first electric SUV.

Beware, however, in the new scenarios for Nio is also Xpeng: the latest arrival on the market. Founded back in 2015, we are only now hearing about it. I mentioned this company about a month ago. She may be Nio’s most direct rival. It has behind it investors such as Xiaomi and Alibaba. XPeng is expected to launch its IPO soon, and it is sure to make headlines. We will talk about Xpeng in another article and follow it in our premium chat.

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