Sharp rise in VIX, international stock markets struggling except China continues to rise.

As every Sunday we try to read the past week’s aggregate data of the most important international indexes. This week the major stock exchanges saw the first few days with a positive climb all “rehashed” in the last two sessions where rumors of lockdowns brought fear back to the markets. All of this has created high market volatility (VIX +9.64% in one week) while China seems to be the only one unaffected and where GDP is clearly recovering. This week even a +3.43% confirms to us that it could be the first nation to recover after the pandemic.

Markets continue to move on NEWS

Last week we had seen a nice positive rebound in almost all the stock exchanges. But as we said we were moving on news and not on macroeconomic data. This week the most massive pandemic recovery stopped investors’ optimism.

The Nasdaq has lost a lot in the last two days but having started very well at the beginning of the week manages to make even a +1.08% in a confusing and very volatile situation. DAX and MIB, on the other hand, come out negative this week. -1% approximately both. Very good was China, which with +3.43% added to +1.62% continued its now solo ascent.

Here is the weekly summary table:

China continuing to grow

China increasingly alone on the upside:

China continuing to grow

What happened this week at MIB?

As we said, the MIB lost about 1 percent, matching the performance of the European indices.

It always remains a slow and stuck MIB .

This week, ATLANTIA makes a good +9.2 percent but still remains an uncertain stock. Nothing to do with FERRARI, which with +6.69% increases its good performance since the beginning of the year.

Here are the top 10 performances of this week’s MIB:

Nameclosing 16/10/2020closing 09/10/2020Var %
Interpump Group34,7832,81995,97
Cnh Industrial7,3347,14122,7
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles10,78210,59521,76
Terna – REN6,0685,96331,76
Source: borsaitaliana.it

Interesting, however,once again, to see the performance since the beginning of the year of MIB stocks precisely to get a more complete view of the performance of the national index.

From the data we still have confirmation of the difficulty of companies listed on the MIB, in fact there are still only 13 out of 40 companies with a positive performance since the beginning of the year.

Of note is a further decline by NEXI (-3%), causing it to lose its second place to AMPLIFON, which with a weekly +2% overtakes it.

China continuing to grow
Source: borsaitaliana.it

What does next week hold in store for us? Most importantly, will the markets still fall prey to the news?

Will China continue to grow? We shall see. We are now close to the U.S. elections (Nov. 3). The VIX went up in an “ominous” way. High volatility and still-rising pandemic along with expectations of the U.S. election will greatly influence market performance.

We talked about it in this article, including explaining which stocks to watch out for and live on the lefonti.tv broadcast( you can review the videohere ).

Here is the economic calendar for the coming week where we can see what news (just the main ones) and new data may move the markets:

Sunday, October 18, 2020
15:05 EURSpeech by ECB President Lagarde   
Monday, October 19, 2020
04:00 CNYGDP (Annual) (Q3)5,20%3,20%
04:00 CNYChinese unemployment rate 5,60%
14:00 USDFed Chair Powell’s Speech   
14:45 EURSpeech by ECB President Lagarde   
Tuesday, October 20, 2020
Wednesday, October 21, 2020
08:00 GBPMonthly Core CPI Index (Monthly) (Set)0,60%-0,60%
08:00 GBPMain Consumer Price Index (Annual) (Set)1,30%0,90%
16:30 USDCrude oil stocks-2,835M-3,818M
Thursday, October 22, 2020
08:00 GBPRetail Sales (Monthly) 0,80%
11:25 GBPBoE Gov. Bailey’s Speech   
14:30 USDInitial claims for unemployment benefits  
Friday, October 23, 2020
to be fixed GBPFall Speech   
source: investing.co.uk

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China continuing to grow
China continuing to grow

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