Positive stock markets despite news on Trump and high volatility

As every Sunday we try to read the past week’s aggregate data of the most important international indexes. This week, even if only for the day on Friday, the performance of world indexes was affected by the news of Trump being infected with the coronavirus.
Despite high volatility and the VIX with a +4.74%, markets tried to rise in the first 4 days of the week, including the MIB.

Positive stock markets? But weren’t they “collapsing”?

Many of us feel that this wasyet another bad week for the markets. This is because often, those who watch the markets on a daily basis are conditioned by the last session or more by the downs than the ups. We give much more weight mentally to markets going down than when they go up. On Friday, in fact, after the news about Trump, the markets lost something. Nasdaq -2% or so. Worst. These are not striking collapses or descents, and yet we have the feeling that things are going horribly wrong. That is why it is useful to take a longer-term view on stocks and indexes. For example, if we look at the weekly performance of the NASDAQ we see that it has marked almost +1%.

Even better were the other U.S. indices (almost +2% in one week) and so did the European indices.

This figure certainly cannot tell us whether we are facing a recovery of the various indexes from last month’s descent, partly because Trump’s news had only one day of trading to be “digested” by the market. too little time. Let’s see what happens in the coming weeks, especially as we get very close to the U.S. presidential election.

But if we are to stick to the numbers, as we see below from the table, the week on international stock exchanges was positive.

Here is the weekly summary table:

Positive stock exchanges
processing with Webank’s T3 data source

As we can see from the second chart, apart from Tokyo, the other major world indexes have held up well, although the VIX soaring tells us that there is no quiet market right now.

Positive stock exchanges
processing with Webank’s T3 data source

What happened this week at MIB?

As we said, the MIB gained almost 2 percent this week, matching the performance of the European indices. Here are the top 10 performances of MIB stocks:

Nameclosing 02/10/2020closing 25/09/2020Var %
Banco Bpm1,58651,38314,71
Buzzi Unicem19,79519,14283,41
Cnh Industrial6,596,40832,84
Source: borsaitaliana.it

Interesting, however,once again, to see the performance since the beginning of the year of MIB stocks precisely to get a more complete view of the performance of the national index.

From the data we still have confirmation of the difficulty of companies listed on the MIB.
That still leaves only 13 out of 40 companies with a positive performance since the beginning of the year.

It should be noted how AMPLIFON and PRYSMIAN overtake RECORDATI and INWIT in the rankings, which returned to 7th from 5th place. DIASORIN and NEXI remain firmly in the top two positions.

Positive stock exchanges
Source: borsaitaliana.it

As you can tell from the performance of the MIB, investing at this time in Italian (but also foreign) stocks is not easy. It is never simple really, because no one can predict the future, however, knowing the market, getting educated, studying stocks and their companies is definitely a way to improve the performance of our investments. Especially at times of high volatility like this.

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