The observed headlines of the month

January’s special observed titles:

Intel: The change of CEO seems to have done well for the stock, which was coming from a period of declines and uncertainty while the sector as a whole rose. Former CEO Bob Swan is now water under the bridge, and the company is ready to welcome Pat Gelsinger, former Intel employee and VMware CEO. Pat was put in charge to help the company navigate out of the manufacturing crisis Intel is going through. Analysts believe that Pat may lead to several partnerships with some of the leading chipmakers. Intel sees itself as confident, the stock in a single day rose 7.64 percent touching $57.31. Who knows, it may become as palatable as AMD has been in the past months.

Johnson & Johnson: the first single-dose COVID-19 vaccine has arrived. This was J&J’s announcement a few days ago. In Europe it should arrive in April as the company is expected to pass EU regulatory inspections in February.

Qualcomm: The company will acquire Nuvia Inc, a start-up founded by Apple veterans, for $1.4 billion with the aim of entering the smartphone, laptot and automotive sectors. Qualcomm’s goal is to reestablish itself as a leader in chip performance quality after spending several years fighting with Apple.

Facebook: whatsapp’s new privacy policies do not seem to please users. Some of them are switching to another messaging app, Signal. The stock has lost a lot of ground in recent months partly because of the Bans imposed on President Trump and U.S. Capitol riot supporters. Certainly Facebook remains an important and well-positioned company in the market with eventual possibilities of being able to buy the stock at good prices if it leaves some more ground.

Nio. Among the special observed titles of January, NIO could not be missing. Nio Day has arrived, and Nio seems to be driving investors crazy. There has been a lot of news about this, particularly the production of the new premium car that could go on to compete with Tesla. One thing is certain: Nio, at the level of multiples, seems to be more highly valued than Tesla. The P/S ratio is higher on Nio than on the American company. This translates into the fact that the price of the stock is higher in relation to sales. Recall that Nio capitalizes about 100 billion compared to Tesla’s about 600 billion.

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