Trading is not a job, that’s what it is:

Trading is not a job.

When they tell you that trading is a job, don’t believe them. A job is an individual activity with many limitations on both the risk and return sides. A job generally depends on someone. So what is trading? Trading is a business, it is like doing business activities.

Why do I say this? Because the richest people in the world are entrepreneurs, they are people who have taken risks and then achieved stratospheric returns. They have done so through a journey, made up perhaps of failures but they have been able to get back up, rebuild their business brick by brick and reach the goal. Trading is not a job, it is a business. You become a trader after a path made of study, a risky path that will not guarantee you anything if done badly and without method. How many businesses fail because the entrepreneur is not a trained person? Many. How many traders fail because they are not ready to become late? Other.

But now let’s turn the question around. How many entrepreneurs, though perhaps failing along the way, have since achieved success?

Apple failed at its first Mac launch. How many profitable traders are out there? No one really knows maybe, but let’s do a quick calculation. We often hear that no one has ever made money from trading.

Let’s take a tour of the various brokers who are required by law to show the percentage of clients who lose money in the markets. Going, for example, to the website of the broker ig.com, we can see that the wording at the top of the site reads, “70% of people lose money in the markets.” But what about the remaining 30%? Here is this 30% is the percentage that nobody talks about. In this 30% there are us and many others who make a living with trading or make a second income from it. If 30% seems small to you go and look at how many businesses fail each year and how many jobs are cut. Often you don’t go and compare things and that doesn’t lead to reflection. So it is not 1 in 1,000 that makes it, but 30 in 100. 30 out of 100 people manage, through trading, to make money, often even securing something that no other job or business will give you. Time. Think about it. How long can a trade last? Even 10 minutes or less many times. How much does it cost us to set up a multi-day operation? Maybe a few tens of minutes of analysis. Find another activity that in such a short time allows you to bring home an economic income. These activities are very rare.

But why then aren’t they all rich and aren’t they all traders?

Because human beings are lazy by nature. He has no desire to put himself out there, no desire to study, test and fail. He wants success and he wants it now. At this point a phrase from Queen “I want it and I want it now” comes to mind. I want it and I want it now. Everyone has this rush to do, to skip the process and get straight to the finish line. Unfortunately, however, it doesn’t work that way. Every successful activity takes time and some small effort. Here we understand what differentiates the loser from the winner. Willingness to do and learn. The desire to break out of the mediocrity in which we often find ourselves. We don’t need much, we just need our heads.

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