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OG GROUP FZ LLE, the owners and authors are in no way responsible for any damages that may result to anyone viewing or purchasing OG GROUP FZ LLE courses or services. Past returns are no guarantee of future returns. It is not intended to address personal circumstances or goals. Any statement, sentence, text should always be interpreted exclusively and solely for its informational/educational purpose. Published information may be based on certain data, assumptions, opinions, or predictions that may also change over time, and in any case it is always for educational purposes only and should not be considered as a purchase recommendation. Therefore, the user must always verify their accuracy and topicality and should he or she decide to invest in the financial instruments analyzed and/or commented on, he or she will do so in total autonomy and assuming full responsibility.

All content on the site is for educational, instructional and informational purposes only. OG GROUP FZ LLE is engaged exclusively in education, and the publication of financial transactions executed any financial are solely intended to enhance education by supporting it with examples of actual transactions executed in the financial markets. What is on the site should in no way be construed as financial advice but is intended for the financial education of the individual.
The analyses published on the site do not in any way provide buy or sell signals on the various financial instruments, nor do they provide indications for direct or indirect management of third-party capital. Therefore, those who read the contents of the site and/or the various services acknowledge and accept their sole responsibility for any and all subsequent actions.

It is possible that the operators of the site and the company OG GROUP FZ LLE are directly interested as private savers in the performance of the securities under discussion therefore it is possible to find on the sites and social channels errors on what has been processed, despite the fact that the content has been done with the greatest possible diligence.

It should be remembered that the risks of loss associated with trading and investment activity can be very high and can go as far as to wipe out the capital employed.
Finally, please note that this website does not represent a newspaper within the meaning of Law March 7, 2001, no. 62. as it is updated without any periodicity.
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