Installment payment course Trading Winner Terms.

The installment purchase of the Trading Winner product at ogtrading.co.uk and training.ogtrading.co.uk implies acceptance of the following terms:

  1. The option provides 3 installments. Each installment includes unlocking a portion of the course. The first installment provides for the release of the part 1. The second installment provides for the release of the portion 2. The third installment includes inclusion in Telegram and Facebook channels and groups as well as access to live evenings with tutors and coaches.
  2. No more than 45 days should pass between installment payments. In the event that more than 45 days pass and the customer wishes to pay the next installment, the contract provides for a penalty of €200 to be paid in addition to the installment price.
  3. Installments are non-refundable

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