The exclusive club for those who like to stay up-to-date on financial markets and spot the best trends of the moment.

4 weekly live appointments, multiday planning, stock portfolios, ETF portfolios, operational strategies, dedicated chat investing

Created by: Matteo Talarico and Marco Iacoviello

What is Club Investing

Join theexclusive CLUB, you can engage directly with our Market Analysts and other premium members.

Investments always under control thanks to portfolio simulation, our ETF portfolios suitable for every need, live (and recorded) market analysis, chat, exclusive premium channel and our Masterclasses to delve into financial subjects useful for your investments.

You will also find all of our multiday trading in the stock market, with our market entry and exit points and live updates on trade performance.

Club Investing is where every investor should be.

What skills you will acquire

Thanks to Club Investing you will be more aware in your investment choices will be able to prevent behavioral mistakes in the markets such as selling on lows and buying on highs or trading a long-term investment for a short-term one. Our analyses will be used to identify the best trends of the moment.

You can find a multitude of services in the premium club ranging from long-term investing, multiday trading, stock and market analysis, and macroeconomic analysis.

You will be constantly and daily updated on your investments and trends in the global economy and finance through simple and understandable explanations.

You’ll learn not to put all your eggs in one basket on a single stock investment, and you’ll understand the importance of diversification and balancing your portfolio through our selections of stock portfolios and ETFs.

You will know how to build a stable and secure economic future even in times of crisis as you are followed by professionals.

The Premium Club leverages the skills of experts who do analysis on markets and stocks for you, something that if you had to do on your own would require hours of study, time, and money.

What you will have access to with your subscription

Webinars and Masterclasses

4 webinars each month on:
1- Macroeconomic Situation Analysis
2- Multiday operation planning
3- Special Trend / Strategies
4- Analysis of securities of your choice
You won't be able to participate in the webinars? No problem you will be able to see replays in your exclusive "investor's library"

Selection of Titles

You will find our U.S. and Italian securities investment portfolios with our analysis and entry levels. You will be able to see live our stock transactions and the weights of each stock in the portfolio. You will need it to take operational cues

ETF Selection

We have built ETF portfolios for every need. You will be able to see which ETFs we buy based on your investment objective and take advantage of our selection and analysis for your investments

Multiday Trading

Constantly you will receive alerts of our Multiday securities transactions. Every trade we make on multiday stocks will be shared with the whole community, we will enter the entry and exit prices from our trades. This will serve to make members understand how we operate in the markets and to provide operational insights so that they can make our analyses their own.

Chat Investing

You will have access to our dedicated premium member chat with direct access to Matthew and Marco. If you have a question or concern you can write it in the chat room and we will be ready to solve it. You will become part of a community of traders and investors with whom you can engage with on a daily basis

Our PREMIUM CLUB is for you if.

The advantages that 100+ students who have already chosen us have

They manage to monitor markets that are constantly changing by leveraging the skills of experts in the field

Clear and understandable explanations through analysis done LIVE when markets are open

Ability to follow experts who are constantly operating in the markets, are daily present on the 'battlefield'

They are always updated on the latest news regarding markets, stocks to follow and any market changes

They have access to operational methodologies that adapt to the market trend whatever it may be.

Have access to ongoing training in close contact with Marco and Matteo (traders who are up-to-date and operational every day in the markets)

They save time in doing market research and analysis

By leveraging Matthew and Marco's skills, they manage to filter out useful information in an endless sea of misinformation about trading

They have a broad view on finance by analyzing economic policy scenarios at the times they occur (we give insights and masterclasses on certain topics each week within the Premium Club)

They can ask personal questions regarding their own economic sphere and find answers to them (e.g., they receive an assessment of their own securities and personalized advice)

They know how to manage their own money independently, avoiding the costs of intermediaries

They understand the right time to invest/disinvest in certain markets

They understand when to stretch gains (or take them home) and when to cut losses (or when to stretch them)

They understand when to stretch gains (or take them home) and when to cut losses (or when to stretch them)

They have the opportunity to make money in the immediate term by taking their cues from our stock trades lasting a few days (we give pointers for educational purposes)

They have access to an elite group to engage with and always receive answers to their questions

Matthew Talarico

Financial Analyst | Trader | Trainer

Matthew is a Trader and Market Analyst experienced in trading and investment strategies. He has a degree in banking and finance and makes trading his main activity. Founder of the international company OG GROUP FZ LLE is the benchmark for more than 2,000 traders and investors.

Matthew is a registered financial educator with AIEF

Marco Iacoviello

Analyst | Trader | Trainer

Marco is a Trader and Chart Analyst experienced in intraday trading strategies on indices and Forex. Marco is a full time trader and over a period of 5 years has trained more than 400 traders helping them to derive economic income from the markets. He is the founder of the international company OG GROUP FZ LLE.

The OnlyGain community

In the OG Trading team we are involved in market analysis, trading, investment and financial education. We help savers manage their capital in the most efficient way.

OG Trading & Investments is a large community that to date has hundreds of trainees and subscribers to our services and over 3000 members.

The goal is to train people to become more financially aware, showing how they can increase their capital through conscious trading (low levers and strategy) and manage their savings independently according to their risk/return profile and time horizon.

To date, we operate a website of Economic and financial articles, podcasts on Spotify, analysis on YouTube, live broadcasts on the best-known TV stations in the economic/financial field, training courses on trading and investing, a team of analysts dedicated to investments, a team dedicated to cryptocurrencies, and a team dedicated to behavioral finance.

Some feedback from our trainees

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What happens after purchasing access

Once you purchase your subscription from the site you will be contacted by a member of the OG Team who will guide you through the Club showing you how to access all the content and exclusive chat.

Frequently asked questions

For the duration of the subscription you choose you will have access to:

    • Portfolio Simulation:

The analyses and inputs will be detailed in a private Channel, and an Excel file will be available in which we will update our positions day by day.

    • Webinar+Masterclass:

These are live sessions devoted to you and analysis of major markets and stocks.

    • Premium Chat:

Where you can ask all your questions directly to the experts

    • Multiday Trading:

You will receive live our multiday trading positions on stocks with entry and exit prices.

Investment skills are needed, complete with OG’s Investing Protocol

Yes, unless you make minimum six-month subscription at a higher price

You have direct access to our support via chat and via webinar twice a week.

None, other than that of participation in the directs.

It depends on the type of subscription you choose.

Paypal, card (via paypal to be supplemented) and wire transfer (preferred).

Now is the time for action.

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12 months access

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