The only practical path that will get you to plan your finances in 4 steps and invest in the markets safely to reach your goals

Created by: Matteo Talarico and Marco Iacoviello

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What is the Investing Protocol?

The Investing Protocol is a practical course built just for you to plan your finances and start investing in the markets with complete confidence.

You will be able to build investment portfolios specific to your goals with our guidance and model portfolios.

The Investing Protocol is the ultimate answer to the question: How do I manage and invest my money?

Using the worksheets included in the Protocol you will analyze your and your family’s financial situation to understand how you can improve it and how you can achieve results through goal-based investing.

Inflation, low pension, economic insecurity will no longer be a problem We will go and defeat these enemies together.

Why we created the Investing Protocol

What you read below are just some of the questions you should ask yourself when talking about money:

  • Am I managing my money correctly?

  • Have I relied on a consultant to do my interests or his interests?

  • How can I reach my financial goals?

  • How can I invest my money safely?

  • How can I secure a decent retirement?

If you want to achieve concrete economic goals and results everything must start with planning your finances.

With the Process we have built into the Investing Protocol you will be able to give yourself answers to these questions and find practical solutions .

You will learn about financial markets, instruments and products. You will know how to safely set up and manage your investments while maximizing return and minimizing risk. You will be able to buy and sell stocks, etfs and other financial products independently.

Protect and increase your capital

The money in your bank account is not safe. Let’s dispel this myth.

Every year the prices of all goods and services around us experience price increases. This is because of inflation averaging 2 percent, in 2021 we are up to over 3 percent.

This means that money kept in the checking account each year loses the average 2%  of purchasing power.  

The first thing to do is to protect our money from this enemy.

The next step is to invest them in markets to make them grow . This is a delicate process, not all investments go well. Randomly buying stocks or funds only leads to losing money.

If you want to get real results, you have to invest for goals through financial planning.

In the Investing Protocol you will learn how to invest your savings correctly and safely.

It's not enough to just buy random stocks or ETFs

Not all assets or ETFs are the same. By buying with our eyes closed, we not only risk buying poorly, but we also risk putting products in our portfolio that will never achieve our ultimate goal.

Let me give you an example: “I want to invest my money for the next five years.” In this case, we cannot invest all our money in stocks, time is short, and we cannot afford market declines.

Or, “I want to invest my money to retire early in 20 years.” In this case then we can invest in stocks, we need to figure out in what amount, with what strategy and how much liquidity to hold.

Thanks to the Protocol, you will be able to find the solutions yourself.

What you will have access to with the Investing Protocol.

Video content

About 10 hours of video content to better plan your finances and set your investments by goals. You will be able to see the content when you want and as many times as you want


You will have access to 6 worksheets in which you will go to build your financial plan to go and set up your personal investment portfolios

ETF Selection

You will have access to our selection of securities and ETFs designed to have the best features in the market. You won't have to go crazy looking for a thousand funds or securities

Wallets Pattern

Our model portfolios were constructed after careful selection. We have created 6 portfolios, each with different features according to your needs. You can take cues from our portfolios to follow your investment plan

Dedicated Facebook group

Exclusive access to the Protocol Investing Facebook group where you can engage with us and other investors. In the group you can ask your questions and take advantage of the advice that will be provided by our team

Club Investing

You will have access to the Investing Club support group with open discursive chat and a monthly live stream to answer your questions

What will you be able to do

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Practicality and concreteness: the strengths of the Protocol

As already mentioned, the Investing Protocol is theonly practical path that allows you to analyze your financial situation, concretely improve it by going to study an investment plan and finally, implement it with total security and peace of mind.

Inside you will discover how to manage your finances and how to invest in the financial markets while maximizing returns and minimizing risk.


It will be our concern to help you reorganize your assets and maximize your monthly savings. Second, we will focus oninvesting, facilitated by OG portfolios, through which you will already have a selection of ETFs designed for your personal needs.

To top it all off you will also have a guide to taxation on investments and trading.

Last but not least, there will also be a strong emphasis on behavioral finance. Very often we risk making mistakes in the markets just because of our emotionality, which unfortunately as human beings, plays a crucial role. Through the module on behavioral finance you will understand how to identify key cognitive errors (called Biases) and go on to successfully mitigate them.



Club Investing

Join theexclusive CLUB, you can engage directly with our Market Analysts and other Club members.

Investments always under control thanks to simulation of model portfolios, our ETF portfolios suitable for every need, live (and recorded) market analysis, discursive chat, and monthly live.

You will have access to the Club for life.

VALUE: €497


Pattern wallets

We have created model investment portfolios for all kinds of needs .

Specifically you will have 6 model portfolios based on risk level and time horizon.

1 Short-term portfolio

1 medium-term portfolio low risk

1 Medium-risk medium-term portfolio

1 Long-term, low-risk portfolio

1 Long-term medium-risk portfolio

1 Long-term high-risk portfolio

VALUE: €597


Graphic Analysis Course

Learn to read charts like a professional Trader. The course on graphical analysis will serve you for two reasons:

1- Read charts of stocks or ETFs to understand when to buy, increase or exit positions.

2- Operate the markets for speculative purposes in short-term transactions lasting a few days. This will help you get extra return for your portfolios.

This course will bring you close to the dynamics of market prices to understand how prices move in the short and medium term. You will understand how institutions are positioned and be able to closely analyze each market situation.

VALUE: €497


Guide on taxation

Taxation on your investments will no longer be a problem for you. With the videos and PDF guides you will be able to do your own tax return on your operations.

We will also show you the difference between administrative and declaratory regimes.

VALUE: €249.

The Protocol is for you if

The Protocol is NOT for you if

This is how Procollo Investing is structured

The Investing Protocol is designed in the form of a pathway. The videos are to be followed with a time scale that will be explained to you within the protocol.

You will have a variety of materials to work with including:

-Video Files

-Excel files

-PDF file

-Images and Graphs

Full course schedule

Click on the modules to find out about individual lessons

  • 1. We know the past
  • 2. The situation today
  • 3. How to proceed.
  • 1. Inflation.
  • 2. Pensions
  • 2. Compound interest
  • 4. Other enemies
  • 5. When making money in markets
  • 1. Financial planning
  • 2. Personal balance sheet
  • 3. Financial markets.
  • 4. The actions
  • 5. Bonds
  • 6. Futures
  • 7. Financial Assets
  • 8. The construction of wealth
  • 9. Real estate and other assets
  • 10. Financial life stages
  • (BONUS) All About ETFs
  • 1. Pyramid planning
  • 2. Living off of income
  • 1. The economic machine
  • 2. Risk and time horizon
  • 1. The 4 drawers of the pyramid
  • 1.2 Capital accumulation
  • 2. Investment portfolios.
  • 3. Choosing ETFs.
  • 4. Core + Satellite Portfolios
  • 5. Where to buy assets
  • 6. InteractiveBrokers and Degiro
  • The rebalancing of portfolios
  • Fundamental analysis – part 1
  • Fundamental lanalysis – part 2
  • Guide to graphical analysis for Multiday trading in markets

Matthew Talarico

Market Analyst | Trader | Trainer

Matthew is a Trader and Market Analyst experienced in trading strategies and financial planning. He has helped thousands of people become aware of the financial markets by leading them to achieve real results. Founder of the international company OG GROUP FZ LLE is the benchmark for more than 2,000 traders and investors.
Matthew is also a trainer in the academy of one of the world's largest brokers, listed on the London Stock Exchange, where he gives monthly seminars on the markets.
Matthew is a registered financial educator with AIEF

With the participation of:

Marco Iacoviello

Marco is a Trader and Chart Analyst experienced in intraday trading strategies on indices and Forex. Marco is a full time trader and over a period of 5 years has trained more than 400 traders helping them to derive economic income from the markets. He is the founder of the international company OG GROUP FZ LLE.

Franco Balbo

Franco is a sociologist and behavioral finance expert; in Trading Winner he was in charge of the module related to behavioral finance. Franco is a registered financial educator with AIEF.

It's time to take charge of your financial life

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The Investing Protocol takes the form of providing information and training on personal finance and investing with financial instruments. This type of training found in the Investing Protocol does not integrate an investment advisory activity, as qualified by Art. 1, Paragraph 5(f) and defined by the same article in Paragraph 5f, Leg. February 24, 1998, no. 58 as amended (TUF). In the Protocol Investing one does not constitute an investment service and is not subject to the regulations of the TUF, but rather identifies a freely exercisable activity, as it is not covered by statutory reservation. This activity is not subject to either the supervision of Consob or the Body (OCF). Protocol Investing is a hands-on training course, provides the construction of model financial portfolios diversified across different asset classes and developed with regard to different risk profiles as well as multiple risk/return combinations. The information that is issued in the Investing Protocol does not constitute an offer to the public and solicitation of investment, nor does it complement the investment advisory service as regulated by the TUF, since, regardless of the personal characteristics of the Client, it does not have as its object personalized recommendations in order to purchase/sell specific financial instruments.

What happens after purchasing the Investing Protocol

Once you have purchased the course from the site you will be contacted by a member of the OG Team who will explain how to proceed to create your account and show you how to access all the content. You will be included in the support groups and will be able to access all OG services right away.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, the Investing Protocol is designed to take you to build a solid financial plan from scratch. No financial experience required.

You will have direct support from Matteo and Marco and OG Tutors, thanks to the support groups and Investing chat you can interact directly with us.

Most of our trainees finish the course in about one to two weeks.

Yes, it is advisable to have a minimum of €5,000 to invest or at least a monthly savings of at least €200.

They are Excel Files with which you are going to plan your finances and keep track of your investments.

Yes, updates will always be included.

Paypal, credit card or Bank Transfer. Our support will also be able to guide you through the purchasing process.

Some feedback from our trainees

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