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OG Trading & Investment is a large community that to date has over 3500 members

In the OG Trading team, we focus on market analysis, trading, investment and financial education. We help savers manage their capital in the most efficient way.

Matthew Talarico

Market Analyst | Trader | Trainer

Matthew is a Trader and Market Analyst experienced in trading strategies and financial planning. He has helped thousands of people become aware of the financial markets by leading them to achieve real results. Founder of the international company OG GROUP FZ LLE is the benchmark for more than 2,000 traders and investors.

Matthew is a registered financial educator with AIEF

Marco Iacoviello

Chart Analyst | Trader | Trainer

Marco is a Trader and Chart Analyst experienced in intraday trading strategies on indices and Forex. He has trained more than 400 traders by helping them derive economic income from the markets. Marco has helped more than 2,000 people understand how to analyze markets through his Sunday analysis. He is the founder of the international company OG GROUP FZ LLE.
Marco is a registered financial educator with AIEF.

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