How to start your Trading business to increase your economic income and achieve greater economic security while limiting risk and maximizing profits

Free Lecture | Duration 40 minutes


Trading is the only real business that knows no crisisand does not depend on how things go out there. If the economy goes bad and markets go down we can gain from the downturns by going to sell, while when they go well and go up we can gain by making buy trades.

The Trader is in the business of buying and selling financial assets such as stocks, commodities or currencies, nothing different from a trading business in which other assets such as houses, cars or fruits and vegetables are traded. The trader’s good fortune is that he or she can work from the comfort of home and decide when to stand in front of the monitors with total freedom.

Depending on the market, it is possible to trade throughout the day, so you can freely and independently decide when to make your trades.  

At the end of this class you will be able to:



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Who is this class for

For those who want to get a second monthly economic income

Today the world has become more expensive, everything costs more. Trading is the activity that you can do online even from home and with which you do not depend on anyone. It is the one business that knows no crisis and allows you to get a second economic income to add to your salary

For those with little time

If you have a job with classic office hours then you will see a way of trading that will take up a few minutes a day or even a week. Eighty percent of our clients are workers and manage to trade the markets profitably in a short time

For those who want to make trading their profession

If you think trading can be your future, in this lesson you will understand how to become a professional trader. It is a longer road than getting a second entry but many of our students have risen to it. The important thing is that you take this activity seriously

For those who choose to work from wherever they want

If you think that trading requires NASA-style workstations with lots of monitors, a thousand charts, and super tech accessories, know that this is not the case. In fact, you can choose to work from home in total freedom with a PC, even a laptop.

Matthew Talarico

Market Analyst | Trader | Trainer

Matthew is a Trader and Market Analyst experienced in trading strategies and financial planning. He has helped thousands of people become aware of the financial markets by leading them to achieve real results. Founder of the international company OG GROUP FZ LLE is the benchmark for more than 2,000 traders and investors. Matthew is also a trainer in the academy of one of the world's largest brokers, listed on the London Stock Exchange, where he gives monthly seminars on the markets.

Matthew is a registered financial educator with AIEF

Marco Iacoviello

Chart Analyst | Trader | Trainer

Marco is a Trader and Chart Analyst experienced in intraday trading strategies on indices and Forex. He has trained more than 400 traders by helping them derive economic income from the markets. Marco has helped more than 2,000 people understand how to analyze markets through his Sunday analysis. He is the founder of the international company OG GROUP FZ LLE. Marco is also a trainer in the academy of one of the world's largest brokers, listed on the London Stock Exchange, where he gives monthly seminars on the markets.
Marco is a registered financial educator with AIEF.

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